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They Are Gone Again

They Are Gone Again


And they are gone again, sigh. One of the hardest things about being an empty nest mom is saying goodbye to my children, all over again, each time they have to leave. I know it is difficult for the empty nest dad as well, because when Rob and I drop one of our sons off at the airport we ride home in a mostly silent funk. We are both sad to see them go. However, we know they are spreading their wings, gaining their independence and are off to do great things.

They are gone again

This is a view of Portland on our way to the airport.


This week their flight status was questionable and the commute to the airport was tenuous. Keaton’s flight left on Sunday evening. Fortunately for us, the worst of the ice storm, that hit Portland Friday evening and early Saturday morning, was over. The freeway was clear of ice and the traffic was light. As a result we had one of our fastest rides to the airport ever.

Today was Rikley’s turn to leave. Even though the snow storm ceased two days ago, the aftermath of the epic snowfall was still very much present. Our travel time was much longer, but the end result was the same; a big strong hug and a quick kiss on the cheek goodbye. Of course I have to remind them to call, text, be good, be safe, have fun (but not too much), and to let me know when they have arrived safely.

They are gone again

We had a slow drive on snow and ice today.


Did I mention that they are gone again? After leaving Rikley at the airport, Rob and I drowned our sorrows in a latte and a shared almond croissant before getting back on the ice chunked freeway. We moped around for the rest of the day but, tomorrow we will get back into the rhythm of our new life in an empty nest. We will embrace our new normal! Of course we will also start to plan our spring trips to visit our boys and watch them play in a few games of lacrosse. I can’t wait! Is it spring yet? From the view outside my office window spring is a long ways off. sigh … I guess I’ll just have to get used to the fact that they are gone again.

They are gone again

I’m enjoying the snowy view from my office window.


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