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Certified Health Coaching Services

You are unique. You have a unique body type, a unique background, a unique vision of what health and vitality looks like for you. Certified health coaching helps you plan and implement the lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition changes, building vitality one simple, achievable step at a time.

12 Week Virtual Group Workshop

Starts in January 2021

Join me for a 12 week holistic health workshop and get 2021 off to a great start. We’ll meet weekly via Zoom to learn how to take charge of your wellness journey and improve future health outcomes. If you want to feel better, have more energy and learn how to maintain healthier habits, this workshop is for you. Starts the 2nd week of January, 2021. 

It’s Different…And Better

First of all, this workshop is NOT a diet and NOT an exercise program.

It is 12 weeks where you focus on learning to take care of yourself by exploring and experimenting with self-care habits you choose. Together, we’ll find and hone those areas that make you feel better so you can live with vitality in 2021.

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$180 for all sessions.

Bring a friend and you each receive $30 off.

Custom Health Coaching

Create a plan. Keep you moving towards your vision of vitality. Learn simple & effective strategies for better health. Each 60 minute session below includes an optional 10 minute follow-up call 2-3 days after, and 3 email/text communications for those times when you need support, motivation or just have a question.

single 1-on-1 session

Perfect for existing clients who want to start a new challenge or get back on track.


Save 10%

off single session rate

6 week package

Together we will discover where you are on your health journey and where you want to be. You will create a vision and a plan for your desired health state. I’ll “walk” alongside you, providing the motivation, information and guidance for your success.

Save 20%

off single session rate

12 week package

Let’s work on multiple health goals together and achieve your wellness dreams. This is the ultimate in positive commitment and investment in your future health and self.

Get Kitchen Confident

In today’s fast paced, always on world, it’s difficult to live a healthy lifestyle with the constant pressure of food advertising and the ease of eating out. Let me show you how to win in the kitchen with simple steps to become a healthy cook. We’ll start in the pantry, identify tools needed for real food prepping and cooking. I’ll share my savvy spicing secrets for optimal health. Then, we’ll plan for success with meal ideas and build the perfect grocery list. 

Learn Real Food Shopping Strategies

Become a smart and confident shopper while learning how to read labels and how to buy real, whole foods that build vitality. We’ll focus on buying quality ingredients at an affordable price. We’ll meet at your favorite grocery store and learn how to navigate through the hype so you come home with foods that build health and vitality. 


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