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I’m So Grateful For My Son

I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. As we head into Mother’s Day weekend I am fully aware of how lucky I am to be the mother of two brilliant boys. However this post is about my baby who turns 19 today. All parents will say, “Where did the time go?” and wish to turn back the clock. How is it possible that the cute little cherub who completed our family is 19 years old? So, while I miss my little boy I realize how lucky I have been to be present in his life and experience all of the changes with him.

I am excited because our family is together on his birthday. Not only are we celebrating the start of Keaton’s last year as a teenager and Mother’s Day, but we are in Beloit, Wisconsin for Rikley’s college graduation. So, I’m grateful that we get to be with our baby on his 19th birthday to celebrate him. Keaton, we would have missed out on so much joy in our lives without you. You have given me so much to be grateful for. Happy Birthday!

I am grateful for this baby who captured my heart on the 12th of May and slept in my arms all sweet and warm.

I am grateful for this baby with the dimple on his cheek and a spark in his eye.

I am grateful for this toddler whose laughter was frequent and filled our home with beautiful noise.

I am grateful for this happy little boy so full of humor and positive energy who loved to be silly.

I am grateful for this boy who adapted to change with ease and was eager to try new things.


I am grateful for all the fun moments we’ve shared that led to the beautiful memories I cherish.

I am grateful for every hug I received from this strong and lovable kid.

I am grateful for this competitive and skillful athlete whom I have been blessed to watch and call my son.

I am grateful for this secure and wise young man who loves his family.

I am grateful for this son of mine who grew into an ambitious, admirable and compassionate man. As I reflect back through the years watching him grow and change into the remarkable and confident person he is today, my heart is full.

Keaton, this is one of my favorite birthday pictures of you. It was your second birthday and you were so excited for your cake. You couldn’t wait to blow out the candles and once you did we had to relight them so you could do it again and again. Thank you for all the fun memories that I will hold onto forever.

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