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True confession. My name is Thérèse and it’s been 6 months since my last post. During that time I wrote 84 recipes, created a connected meal system, helped design a mobile app, and filed for 3 trademarks and a patent.

Say That Again

Yes, I’ve been busy and although I’m still active on Instagram (@vitalityinfocus & @timechopapp) my blogging here came to a halt.

In June I embarked on a new project with my family. Over dinner one night we identified a problem, thought of a solution and then ran with it. As of Monday we have a mobile app available for download in Apple’s US App Store.

Read All About It

You can find out more about our app and innovative connected meal system on our website. Be sure to read the blog post I wrote on how the kitchen lessons I learned from my mother have shaped who I am as a cook and recipe author.

You can download TimeChop and try out the connected meal system for free. I hope it helps you live with vitality.


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