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Hi, I’m Thérèse. I’m a wife, mom, and now an empty nester.

I am passionate about clean eating, nature, photography and of course my family. I have a secret goal to live to 100 and get my picture on the Smucker’s jar. I have a desire to be fit, healthy and happy on this journey. I believe that by eating whole foods, staying active and engaged it’s possible to live long well and with vitality and purpose. I would love to inspire other women to do the same.

Fifteen years ago, with my three year old son strapped into his car seat, I listened to an interview with Dr. Andrew Weil on NPR. He talked about partially hydrogenated oils and how they are carcinogenic. Being concerned about my family’s health made my ears perk up, and I was enthralled with what he had to say about food and how making informed decisions about what we eat can improve our well-being.  He explained how an optimum diet can help the body heal and fight diseases. I bought his book Eating Well For Optimum Health and was hooked on a whole new way of thinking about food.

I am an avid label reader. Thirteen years ago I felt awful. I had constant headaches and a stomach that wouldn’t stop hurting. I started to keep track of what I was eating and when my stomach had issues. I noticed that the common ingredient was soy; soy lecithin, soybean oil, soy isolate protein…. I learned that nearly every processed “food” contained a form of soy. I stopped eating anything that contained a soy ingredient and I started to heal. This fueled my budding passion with nutrition and food. I built a list of ingredients that I would look for when shopping and if a product contained even one I wouldn’t buy it. I cleaned out my pantry and started educating my family. Eating for “optimum health” became my mission.

I have been married to my husband, Rob, for 25 years and have been planning weekly menus ever since. We have raised two remarkable boys. One of our biggest joys has been watching them play soccer, lacrosse and a few other sports for nearly 18 years. This year they will both be in college; Rikley a senior and Keaton a freshman. Where did the years go? As a family we enjoy snow and water skiing, backpacking, and spending time with family and friends.

I was an elementary grade school teacher for 12 years. When baby boy number two arrived I quit teaching to be a stay at home mom. I cherished every moment of being home and readily available for my boys, and I would do it all again. Now I have time to focus my attention  on a new project. I hope to help other women focus on their own vitality and discover health and purpose.

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